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Bible Study For Youth Suggested Topics

Bible Study For Youth Suggested Topics

Bible studies with teenagers can be challenging. They might not have the same level of interest in scripture as older adults, but they still want to learn about God. A good Bible study for teens should include lessons that are relatable and relevant to their lives today.

Bible Study for Youth

Bible study for youth should be relatable to teens.

The Bible was written in a specific time, place and culture. These factors have an impact on how we read the Bible today. When we study the Scriptures with kids, we need to consider their context in order for them to understand what is being taught and apply it to their lives. For example, when teaching about Noah’s Ark many people use the illustration of animals coming two by two and focusing on how many pairs were saved from each kind of animal that was known at that time (Genesis 7). However, if you are studying with children who are familiar with modern day pets or zoo animals then this may not be as relevant as it would be if they were familiar only with farm animals such as chickens or sheep–it’s important that your teaching relates back directly into real life situations!

Bible study for youth should be engaging!

Studies show that children learn best through hands-on activities that encourage interaction between other students as well as themselves while they participate in learning environments where they feel comfortable asking questions without feeling afraid or embarrassed about making mistakes (Gillespie & Clark 2013). In order for any age group including adults too! We need more than just textbook style learning here at home; this type of approach does not foster any real application outside one’s own personal experience unless someone else encourages us along those lines which usually doesn’t happen unless another person shows interest first through conversation starters.”

Topics for the Teenage Years

  • The importance of reading the Bible.
  • The importance of being a good example to others.
  • The importance of being a good listener, and knowing when to speak up or be quiet.

The teenage years are a time for teens to explore who they are as individuals, so it’s important for them to have quality conversations about the topics above with trusted adults who can guide them through these difficult times.

Some Tips for Bible Lessons with Teens

  • Be relatable.
  • Be positive.
  • Be practical.
  • Be passionate.
  • Make the lessons relevant to your youth’s life, interests and struggles right now–not just in the past or future!

Other Bible Study Topics

  • How to Study the Bible
  • Preparing for a Bible Study
  • Leading a Bible Study
  • Doing a Bible Study with your friends/family/church group

A good Bible study should be relatable to teens.

A good Bible study should be relatable to teens.

Teens are not just kids, they are young adults. Their questions and struggles are much different from those of younger children. They have unique interests, concerns and questions about the world today and their place in it.

Bible study is a good way to have meaningful conversations with your teen. It’s important that you do it in a way that they will understand and appreciate, so make sure to take the time to choose an appropriate topic and study it well before presenting it. You can also find other topics by looking at original sources such as the Bible itself!

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