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Sample Introduction Of A Pastor As Guest Speaker

Sample Introduction Of A Pastor As Guest Speaker

Your pastor is a special guest speaker, and you want to make sure that you do everything you can to make him or her feel at home. That means not only inviting them in the first place but also making their experience as comfortable as possible. Here’s how you can warmly welcome your guest preacher:

Acknowledge the pastor as a guest speaker

  • Thank the pastor for coming.
  • Thank the pastor for his/her work.
  • Thank the pastor for his/her message.
  • Thank the pastor for his/her time.
  • Thank the pastor for his/her family.

Introduce the topic of the sermon

The topic of the sermon is “Jesus: Our Divine Physician.” In this sermon, we’re going to be focusing on the healing power of Jesus Christ. We have a scripture passage that reads, “Then Jesus put His hands upon them and He said, ‘Be cured!” (Matthew 8:3). The purpose of this sermon is to help you understand how God wants to heal you and give you eternal life through His son Jesus Christ.

Give some background about yourself and how you know the speaker

I am a pastor of a local church. I am returning to my hometown for a visit, and I have decided to speak at this event because my mother is hosting it. She is the president of the church’s Women’s Missionary Society.

My name is Pastor David. My wife’s name is Jenny and we have two children: Blake, who is 12 years old and in sixth grade; and our daughter Haley, who just turned 8 years old.

We’ve lived in our current city for almost 10 years now (since 2007). We came here originally because I accepted an offer from another local church after graduating seminary in 2006 with a degree in theology (Bachelor of Divinity). But then later we moved here permanently when I took over as pastor of my current church after they had searched several candidates before deciding on me…

Tell about the pastor’s ministry

  • The pastor’s ministry is in the church.
  • The pastor’s ministry is in the community.
  • The pastor’s ministry is in the world.
  • The pastor’s ministry is in the home.

Tell something about the pastor’s family (if applicable)

If you are considering a pastor as a guest speaker, it’s important to know something about him or her. Pastor Bob and his wife have three wonderful children who are all grown and married with families of their own. He and his wife have had the joy of helping their kids raise their children, so they have four grandchildren now!

Bob’s father was also a minister and he passed away when Bob was only in high school. After graduation, Bob went on to seminary where he met his future wife while taking classes at the same time; they were married shortly after that and began serving at Faith Community Church soon after they graduated from seminary together.

Try to keep it short, sweet and to-the-point.

Try to keep it short, sweet and to-the-point. You don’t want your guest speaker to run long on their talk or bore the audience with a monologue.

Use a few bullet points rather than reading from a script. This will give them more flexibility in what they say and help them feel less nervous about taking the stage alone in front of an audience of people who have never met them before.

Keep it conversational in tone – almost as if you are talking with someone at work over lunch about something interesting that happened yesterday at church. Use a few personal anecdotes that illustrate some of the lessons learned from your experience as a pastor / minister / priest / priestess etc…

It’s important to remember that this is only a sample introduction. You should never copy it word for word! The best way to write your introduction is by taking notes during the sermon and then using those notes as your guide when writing up a new introduction. This will ensure that your introduction is both informative and engaging so that everyone in the audience knows what they’re getting into before hearing what’s coming next from the guest speaker himself or herself.

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