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The Story Of Jesus’ Birth In The Bible

The Story Of Jesus’ Birth In The Bible

The nativity story is one of the most popular stories in the Bible. It tells how God sent his son, Jesus, to earth as a baby. Jesus grew up and became a teacher and a savior who died for our sins. But there’s so much more to this story than just the birth itself. In this article we’ll explore what happened before, during, and after Jesus was born.

God told Mary she would give birth to a son.

  • Mary was a young Jewish girl who lived in Nazareth and worked as a seamstress.
  • One day, while Mary was working at her sewing machine, she heard a voice saying “Mary.” She looked up and saw an angel standing before her. The angel told Mary that she would give birth to a son named Jesus. He said that God was pleased with her and had chosen her to be the mother of His Son.
  • The angel said not to fear because nothing would happen to harm her baby or herself.

Mary rode on a donkey to Bethlehem with Joseph to be counted in the census, then had to give birth in a stable because they could find no room in the inn.

Mary, Joseph and Jesus were in Bethlehem for the census. Mary gave birth to Jesus in a stable where she and Joseph had been forced to spend the night because there was no room at the inn. Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus, so Mary and Joseph left Bethlehem.

Jesus was born in a stable, but some shepherds were told by angels that Jesus had been born and where to find him.

The Bible tells us that the shepherds were the very first to see Jesus, and that they were told by angels to go tell everyone about him. The shepherds then saw Jesus himself, and he spoke to them. Many people today are unaware of what this means for them. They have yet to realize their full potential in life because they do not know about Jesus’ birth or what it means for them personally.

The angels said “to you is born this day a Savior,” which means that those who read or hear these words can receive eternal life if they believe in Christ as our Savior! If you have not yet believed in Christ as your Savior but would like to do so now, please pray with me: Dear God, I know that I am a sinner and deserve punishment from You in Hell forever without ever dying again (Romans 6:23). But because You loved me before I loved You back (John 3:16), You sent Your Son Jesus Christ into the world so that He could die on my behalf – paying the penalty for all my sins – so if I believe this truth with all my heart then according to Your Word (1 John 2:23) You will give me eternal life right now! Amen!

The kings of the East came later to honor the newborn Jesus with gifts.

The Bible tells of the birth of Jesus and how three kings from the east came to worship him. The wise men were from a country called Persia, which is now called Iran. They brought gold, frankincense and myrrh with them as gifts for Jesus. Gold symbolized his kingship over all nations; frankincense was used in ceremonies to worship God; and myrrh was used in funerals to prepare dead bodies for burial (Matthew 2:1-12).

These gifts were given by very wise men who could see that God had chosen this child as king even though he was born in a humble place like Bethlehem (Micah 5:2-5). They also knew that Jesus would suffer greatly because He would die on a cross for our sins (Isaiah 53:1-12).

The nativity story is about more than three wise men coming to see baby Jesus.

The story of the birth of Jesus Christ is more than just the story of three wise men coming to visit him. It’s also about angels and shepherds, who were told by God to go see Jesus right after he was born. It’s also about how his birth happened in a stable, because there were not any rooms available at Bethlehem’s inns due to all the people who had come with their animals for shelter during the winter months.

The nativity story is filled with details that bring this momentous event alive for readers today.

The nativity story is so much more than a tale of three kings and baby Jesus. It’s the story of God’s plan for humanity, and how God came to earth to fulfill that plan through his son, Jesus Christ. It’s about hope and redemption—but most importantly, it’s about love.

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