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African Countries Mentioned In The Bible

African Countries Mentioned In The Bible

Africa is one of the most interesting continents on Earth. From its fascinating wildlife to its diverse cultures and religions, Africa has a lot to offer those who visit or study it. In fact, many people are surprised to learn that some parts of the Bible were written in Africa—specifically Ethiopia. If you’re curious about these countries mentioned in the Bible, read on!


Ethiopia is the only African country mentioned in the Bible. The book of Acts mentions Ethiopia as a place where people came to hear the gospel and be baptized (Acts 8:26-40). Ethiopia is also mentioned in Matthew, Luke and Revelation. In Revelation 7:5-8, John sees Ethiopians among those being invited to God’s banquet on earth.


Egypt, or the modern country that occupies most of its territory, is mentioned in the Bible. It is considered a part of Africa because it’s bordered by Sudan to the west and Libya to the east and it’s located in North Africa. Egypt’s population is nearly 100 million people (90 million), making it one of the largest countries in terms of population size on Earth. It’s also one of the most populous Arab countries, with a majority-Muslim population (about 90%).


Libya is the second largest country in Africa. The country is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Egypt to the east, Sudan to the south, Chad to the southeast, Niger to the south, Algeria to the west and Tunisia to the northwest.

Libya has a rich history of civilizations that have thrived there over thousands of years. The first known civilization was from about 6000 B.C., when people moved into what would become Libya from Egypt and other areas along Africa’s north coast.. These early settlers built large settlements called nuraghi (which means “towers”), which were fortified villages usually built on hills or mountainsides where they could be easily defended against attack.. These people lived mostly by farming wheat and barley

The Bible mentions three African countries

The Bible mentions three African countries: Ethiopia, Egypt and Libya.

  • Ethiopia is mentioned in the New Testament. Acts 8 tells the story of a man named Simon who was converted to Christianity by Philip the Evangelist. Philip baptized Simon, who then went back to Ethiopia and became an influential Christian leader there.
  • Egypt is mentioned in both Old Testament and New Testament books. It played a major role in Israelite history when God used Moses to bring His people out of slavery there (Exodus 3-14). Later on, Jesus used Egypt as an example of judgment against Israel when He told his disciples that if they refused to hear His words then “you will have no rain” (Matthew 13:3-4).

The Bible mentions three African countries: Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia.

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