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Saint Pantaleon Prayer For Lottery

Saint Pantaleon Prayer For Lottery

Saint Pantaleon, the patron saint of lottery winners, prayed for the poor, sick and suffering. He was known for healing those who had been afflicted with leprosy, rabies and tumors. The connection between Saint Pantaleon and lotteries dates back to 1630 when he appeared in a vision to Sister Marie of St. Joseph at a convent in Paris just as she was about to take her vows. In the vision Saint Pantaleon told her that he would take care of her during her life as his bride. After taking her vows Sister Marie became ill with tuberculosis and spent most of her remaining days bedridden until she died at age 22. Her body was exhumed several years later when it still smelled like roses which led people to believe there was something special about this young nun’s grave site that attracted miracles including many lottery winners over time who have credited their winnings to Saint Pantaleon’s intercession on their behalf.”

Saint Pantaleon Prayer for Lottery

Saint Pantaleon Prayer for Lottery

Saint Pantaleon, pray for me.

Give me the grace of your blessing that I may change my way and be able to see things differently. Grant me courage to do what is right, strength to overcome temptation and patience with myself as I learn. Help me to love others as you have loved us, especially those who are most difficult. Give us all peace on earth through justice, truth and love so that we may enjoy eternal happiness in heaven with you. Amen

O holy Martyr, Pantaleon, great in virtue, rich in miracles,

O holy Martyr, Pantaleon, great in virtue, rich in miracles. You were a physician as well as a martyr and hast power to heal the sick and give them health. You were a curer of diseases and you healed people with your hands and prayers. The grace of God gives thee power to work miracles for all who call upon you diligently.

Help me now by the gift that God has given to thee; open my heart to receive the blessing which Thou dost bring me; let me be worthy of Thy help; let this prayer reach Thee at Thy Throne: accept it graciously for my sake – Amen!

who by reason of thy open confession hath inherited the Kingdom of Heaven.

The great martyr Pantaleon was a man of great faith, who suffered for his faith. He lived in the days of the Emperor Maximian and suffered martyrdom under him.

At that time there was a law which required all to offer sacrifice to idols, but those who refused were put to death. Saint Pantaleon told his parents to follow the law and worship idols, but they refused saying that they would rather die than do so.

Saint Pantaleon also said he would not obey this command either; however he knew that if he did as his parents had done, it would mean their death also. Instead he went into another room and prayed for strength against temptation so that he could remain faithful to Christ our Lord even until death.

Help us who are in our tribulation, that we may receive an appropriate reward.

Saint Pantaleon is known to be the patron saint of lottery winners. In order to receive an appropriate reward from Saint Pantaleon, a prayer should be said in his presence before buying the lottery ticket, before picking up the lottery ticket from the store shelf, or before drawing the tickets at a place where multiple people are drawing their own numbers. The prayer should also be said when validating your winning ticket after it has been drawn and you have won money.

Saint Pantaleon was born in Nicomedia around 270 A.D., and he died there on July 27th 293 A.D., making him one of many early martyrs who were killed during Diocletian’s persecution of Christians during that time period (along with Saints Menas and Apollinaris).

Grandly intercede with God for us that He will deliver us from every kind of affliction.

Saint Pantaleon was born in the year 290 in Nicomedia, in Bithynia. He is best known for his medical practice and as a martyr. It is believed that he traveled extensively throughout Asia Minor, Greece and Italy before settling down to become a physician in Rome. He studied medicine under Galen of Pergamon.

The Martyrdom of St Pantaleon is described by one legend as an example of how even when the devil has all odds stacked against him and seems to be winning, he can still be defeated through faith in God’s power over sin, death and disease.

If we accept that Saint Pantaleon did indeed exist (and there are no serious doubts about this), then it follows logically that he had some sort of influence on people at various times during his life on earth; whether through talking with them face-to-face or via his writings (if any).

May He render to every soul according to its works.

As you may know, God rewards people according to their works. If a person is faithful and devoted, then they will be rewarded by God. This could mean that they receive an abundance of wealth and resources, or it could mean that they receive peace in their lives.

The amount of faith and devotion one has determines the kind of reward they receive from God. The more faith a person has in Him, the more significant their reward will be when He judges them on Judgement Day. Similarly, if you believe deeply that your lottery ticket is going to win the jackpot, then you are more likely to put all your effort into praying for luck with this prayer because you know how important it is for your success!

He who created thee a star out of darkness,

He who created thee a star out of darkness, give thee light! Amen.


give thee light! Amen.

And finally, if you do win the lottery, then know that God has blessed you. Be humble about it and don’t forget to give back to others living in poverty.

In conclusion, this prayer is a request for help and guidance from God through Saint Pantaleon. He asks that we may be given light as we go through our lives, especially when facing difficult times or trials such as winning the lottery!

Saint Pantaleon, pray for us.

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