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Opening Prayer For Virtual Meeting

Opening Prayer For Virtual Meeting

It is good to open with prayer in a virtual meeting.

Heavenly Father,

Heavenly Father,

You are always present and listening to us. You are ready to help us with anything we need. You are also ready to forgive our sins and love us unconditionally. Our prayers in this meeting will be answered by Your grace and mercy because You want the best for all of us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!

We lift your name up,

We lift your name up,

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We thank you for bringing us to this time and place. We ask that you would continue to bless our efforts as we meet with one another in a virtual space; that we might find strength in each other’s presence as we pray together—for ourselves and each other. We pray for our group leader who is leading this meeting: (insert name). May she be blessed with wisdom and peace from God as she leads us into a deeper understanding of what it means to live out the gospel together over these days or weeks. May her health be good so that she may continue to lead us well according to her gifts from God. And may those who are taking notes during today’s meeting remember everything they write down!

To all those participating today through Skype or Google Hangouts: please send greetings from your church family back home!

As we love one another through these screens,

As we love one another through these screens,

we are connected by our screens.

We are all connected by our screens.

With all sincerity,

With all sincerity,

we ask for the blessing of God on this virtual meeting. Let it be a time of unity, peace and sharing. Our hearts are open to receive your thoughts and prayers as we gather together in spirit. We ask that you would guide us with your divine wisdom and love as we work together toward our mission as an organization. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!

Bring us together as one, despite our differences.

It is essential that you know and acknowledge this. Differences are good, they make us unique and make us a community. They are what make the world beautiful; they make it interesting, rich and better. They also allow us to have great things like art and music. So when we come together today to talk about our differences, I want us all to be as respectful with each other as possible because at its core, this meeting will be about celebrating our uniqueness instead of trying to eliminate it.

We pray for wisdom for our leaders.

We pray for wisdom for our leaders.

We pray that they may be given opportunities to lead, serve and love. We pray that they may learn from their mistakes, grow in their knowledge and find new ways of doing things.

We pray that all decisions made by the leadership are ones that please God and do not cause harm to anyone else.

And for a spirit of peace among each and every member of this group.

Help us to honor one another above ourselves in every decision we make.

  • “Honor one another above yourselves.”

This is a commandment given to us by our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. It is an imperative that we must fulfill at all times, but especially when the stakes are high as they are in this meeting. Let’s strive to be mindful of how we treat one another as we work through our agenda items today. I know you have many competing demands on your time and attention, so let me make some suggestions for ways in which we can honor each other throughout this meeting:

  • If someone volunteers to take notes or prepare materials for our discussion today, offer them your gratitude rather than complaining about the extra work required of them;
  • If someone makes a suggestion that seems off-topic or unhelpful, don’t interrupt or dismiss them outright; instead ask questions or engage with what they’re saying; You may well learn something new!
  • When someone asks you a question during the course of conversation (and they will!), respond thoughtfully and honestly—don’t just give an answer because it sounds good but doesn’t actually address what was asked; And finally…

Open our eyes so that we may see those in need and provide comfort where needed.

Open our eyes so that we may see those in need.

Open our ears so that we may hear the cries of the innocent.

Let us not be afraid to help, nor to reach out a hand to those who need it most.

Lord, may you be the center of the work that is to happen during this virtual meeting.

  • May you be the center of this meeting, Lord.
  • May your presence be seen and felt by all who are gathered in this virtual meeting.
  • May you open our hearts and minds to hear from you through each other.

It is good to open with prayer in a virtual meeting

Prayer is a way to connect with God and other people, it is also a way to connect you with the group, the purpose of your meeting, and even yourself. You can pray for anything that needs prayer.

If you need help guiding your prayer time in a virtual meeting, think about what you want out of this time together. Maybe there are things that are not working well or maybe there are things that could be improved upon. Asking for guidance on how best to proceed would be an appropriate request in this situation.

We hope that this post helps you to feel more comfortable with prayer as a tool for your virtual meetings. We also hope that it will help you to think about the power of prayer, and how it can be used by those who are leading others in such gatherings. If you’re not sure where to begin, then perhaps starting with an opening prayer can be helpful!

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