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Praise And Worship Program Outline

Praise And Worship Program Outline

The following outline is a sample of a typical worship service outline. It includes the introduction, offering and closing comments that might be included in such services.

Pre-Service Music

Music is a powerful tool for worship. In the same way that we choose words to express the message of our sermon, we should also choose music that will best support and inspire our congregation.

The following are guidelines for selecting appropriate music for your praise and worship services:

  • Music should be uplifting and inviting. It should give people an opportunity to sing along with joyous enthusiasm, even if they don’t know all the lyrics. The goal is not just to have everyone singing, but rather having everyone sing together in harmony with one another as they raise their voices in praise of God’s glory.
  • Appropriate song selection depends on several factors: occasion (Sunday morning vs mid-week), audience (young children vs teens), location (large traditional sanctuary vs small chapel), time of day (early morning vs evening) or season (Christmas vs Easter).

Welcome, Introductions and Occasion

  • Welcome the congregation.
  • Introduce the worship team, pastor, and worship leader.
  • Introduce the praise team if there is one.

Call to Worship, Invocation and Prayer

  • Call to Worship:
  • a prayerful invitation from the worship leader that welcomes people into the presence of God and calls them to worship Him. This could be done in a variety of ways, but it would most likely be an invitation for all who are present (pastors, musicians, singers) to join together in singing and playing instruments.
  • Invocation:
  • a short prayer asking God for His presence and power before we begin our time of worship; also known as an “opening prayer”. The invocation may include petitions for specific needs at this particular time or requests that God would move in our midst with His power so that we can go forth into ministry with greater effectiveness and joy!

Praise Songs

Praise songs are a way to express praise and worship. They are a way to express the love of God, other people, and yourself.

Children’s Moment or Offering (if worship service has them)

Children’s Moment or Offering: This is a time for children to come forward, be involved in the worship service, and give their own offering. Often, this involves singing a song to God in their own way.

Scripture Reading

Scripture reading is the reading of a passage from the Bible by the leader of the service, typically after singing or musical worship. Scripture readings may be done before or after the sermon. The readings can also be done in either the original language or in a translation.

Worship Song(s)

  • Song lyrics
  • Song title
  • Song composer
  • Song arranger
  • How the song is used in the service (e.g., what part of the message it’s used to open/close, during communion, etc.)
  • What the song is about

Scripture Reading / Sermon / Message

The Scripture Reading / Sermon / Message should be done by a pastor or lay person. The Sermon is usually longer than the reading, and it can be about anything that is related to worshiping God. After the sermon, there will often be a Benediction. This is a blessing given by the pastor before they leave the service; sometimes this is accompanied by an offering plate being passed around so people can give money if they would like to do so. At the end of services, there may also be an Instrumental Postlude song played with instruments such as drums or piano.

Offering (if worship service does not have one at the beginning)

Offering (if worship service does not have one at the beginning)

What is an offering? An offering is a collection of money. Offering should be voluntary, meaning that it is not mandatory for anyone to give an offering. Offering should be done as a way to give back to God, but also as a way to support the church and its pastor. An offering may also be given by those who want their contribution used specifically for certain purposes such as supporting church staff members or helping other organizations in need of financial assistance due to natural disasters or other events that have occurred recently throughout this country.”

Closing Hymn, Benediction and Postlude (Organ music or Instrumental)

Closing Hymn, Benediction and Postlude (Organ music or Instrumental)

A closing hymn is a hymn that is sung at the end of a worship service. A benediction is a prayer that is said at the end of a worship service. A postlude is a musical piece that is played at the end of a worship service.

A Worship Service Outline

  • Pre-Service Music
  • Welcome, Introductions and Occasion
  • Call to Worship, Invocation and Prayer
  • Praise Songs

Praise songs are interspersed with hymns and choruses that have been added to the worship services over time. The congregation participates in singing these songs during most of its regular meetings.

A worship service is a powerful and life-changing event. And, it doesn’t just happen on its own! There are many components that go into making a successful worship service and we hope this has helped you better understand what goes into creating one. As always, feel free to reach out with any other questions or concerns about planning your next event so we can help!

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