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St Phanourios Prayer For Lost Things

St Phanourios Prayer For Lost Things

Today, I’m writing to ask for your help. I have lost something that cannot be replaced and it is causing me great sorrow. Please pray for me that my petition be granted by the Compassionate One, who loves mankind and is merciful to those in despair. Amen

O great Saint Phanourios, you who wonder-worker, lover of mankind and friend of God, I know your power and trust in your intercession. Come to my aid as a speedy helper, for my heart is filled with sorrow and despair; I have lost something which cannot be replaced, I beg you my beloved Saint to send forth your prayers to the Compassionate One so that He may be merciful and grant me this request. Amen.

The prayer should be said at a time and place of your choosing. It is recommended that you say the prayer with others who are also in need of help, so as to increase its effectiveness. Some people choose to hold their lost item or picture while saying this prayer, but this is not required by Phanourios and may detract from the effectiveness of your request if done too often.

When praying for lost items, it is good practice to touch the area where you believe they may be found; if you know what kind of area they were lost in (such as an apartment building or public park), it works best if that same area can be touched when praying for them.

May this prayer be of benefit to you and your loved ones. May Saint Phanourios hear your prayers and alleviate the sorrows of your soul. Amen.

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