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10 Interesting Facts About Abraham In The Bible

10 Interesting Facts About Abraham In The Bible

Abraham is one of the most important figures in the Bible, with his life story playing a pivotal role in the religion of Judaism and Christianity. But what do we really know about this man? What were the events in his life that made him so influential? Here are ten interesting facts you might not be aware of:

He Had A Brother Named Haran

Haran, a brother of Abraham, died in Ur of the Chaldees. Haran’s son was Lot.

It was through Haran’s line that Abraham later became related to King David and Jesus Christ.

He And His Wife Sarah Were Cousins

Abraham was Sarah’s nephew. Sarah was Abraham’s half-sister.

Abraham and his wife, Sarah, descended from a common ancestor named Terah. When you read their story in Genesis 21:12–20:11, they seem like an old married couple—but they didn’t actually meet until later in their lives! They were cousins who had never met before marrying each other at the age of 99 and 90 respectively (Genesis 25:1).

His Name Means “Father Of Many”

Abraham’s name actually means “father of many,” which is fitting for a man who fathered three sons and had many descendants.

The name was given to him by God when he was 99 years old.

He Was Married Twice

  • Abraham was married twice. He first married Sarah, who was his half-sister. As we learned in the last section, she was barren and they adopted Ishmael as their son. However, after many years of waiting for a child, she became jealous of her maidservant Hagar and sent her away into the desert with nothing but a water skin to survive on. When Hagar found herself alone in this desolate place, an angel appeared before her and said: “Hagar! God has heard your prayer! You will have many descendants.” The angel then told Hagar that a son would be born from another man who would be named Isaac (which means “laughter”).

This story is so powerful because it shows how our relationship with God through Christ can help us become better people despite our failings or weaknesses–we can receive His mercy and forgiveness even when we don’t deserve it!

His Birthplace Is Unknown

The Bible never says where Abraham was born. It also doesn’t tell us when he was born, who his parents were, what they did for a living, or what kind of family life he had growing up.

Abraham was probably born sometime in the 18th century B.C., around 1800 years before Jesus Christ walked on earth as a man (Matthew 2:1-18).

The Sacrifice Of Isaac Nearly Divided Abraham’s Family

In Genesis 22, God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. The story goes that Abraham was ready to kill his son upon God’s command but at the last minute, God stopped him and provided a ram for him to sacrifice instead. This is seen as an important test of faith for Abraham who also had doubts about whether or not he could actually go through with it. However, what’s interesting is that this event nearly divided Abraham’s family.

The Bible says that when Isaac grew up and had children of his own (he ended up having twin boys), they were jealous of Jacob because they believed their father loved him more than them because he was given special attention by God during his life (Isaac was born blind). After they saw how much wealth Jacob had gained through trading animals in Egypt, they decided to sell him into slavery so he would never return home again!

He Never Saw Jesus While On Earth

Abraham was too old to travel and never saw Jesus while on earth.

He died before Jesus was born, during the time when the Roman Empire ruled over Israel.

Abraham did not live to see Jesus begin his ministry or be crucified or resurrected from the dead. He passed away before these events occurred as well. He also wasn’t able to see his son Isaac marry Rebekah and have two children with her (Jacob/Israel and Esau). Nor did he witness Jacob’s 12 sons dividing up their brother Joseph’s share of Egypt property after their father died (Genesis 50:23).

Finally, Abraham did not live long enough to see God’s promise fulfilled through Jesus Christ who came 2000 years later—the Messiah who would suffer for our sins so we could receive eternal life in heaven with Him!

God’s Covenant To Abraham Still Stands Today.

It’s important to note that the covenant between God and Abraham was unconditional. It wasn’t based on a certain action or behavior, but instead was based on God’s promise to make Abraham’s descendants into an everlasting nation.

This covenant still stands today, which can be seen in both Jews and Gentiles who have come to faith in Jesus Christ. Many of these people have been saved out of the nations which are descended from Abraham (see Galatians 3:29).

He Is Said To Have Acquired A Lot Of Wealth, Including Slaves

You may have heard that Abraham was a successful man and that he had many possessions. The Bible says he owned many camels, slaves, and houses (Genesis 12:16).

Abraham also found success in business. He purchased land from his father-in-law to become the owner of an impressive estate with animals grazing on it (Genesis 14:13). As if that weren’t enough, Abraham helped establish trade routes between Egypt and Canaan (Genesis 50:14-15).

God loves us and he can do what others can’t, even in the most impossible situation

God’s love is unconditional, so he can do what others can’t even in the most impossible situation. He loves you and wants to help you in your time of need. When you find yourself at a loss for words or feel like giving up on your dreams, know that God loves you and has a plan for you—and he will go above and beyond to make sure that his promises come true.

Abraham was a man who had many trials and tribulations in his life. But through all of this he remained faithful to God, even when it meant sacrificing his own son Isaac. He trusted that God would provide for him and his family, even though their circumstances looked hopeless at times. We can learn so much from Abraham’s example as we face our own problems today!

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