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Praise And Worship Songs For Father’S Day

Praise And Worship Songs For Father’S Day

Father’s Day is a day of celebration and remembrance for fathers. It’s a day when we honor the man who has been there for us, and we give thanks to God for all he has done. For many people, Father’s Day means spending time with their father, or maybe even making plans to see him if he’s away. It also means giving gifts and cards to show how much you care about him. If you are going to be with your father on this special day then here are some praise songs that will help make it even more special:

Like This – CeCe Winans

The song features an A major key, a tempo of 92 beats per minute, and a vocal range of D4 to F#5. The song also has an intro-chorus-verse-bridge form with a bridge that consists of only one half measure. Like This follows a standard AABA form in its melody, with the first A being sung in unison by all voices and subsequent Bs being sung as various melodic phrases separated by rests or syncopations:

The lyrics are written from the perspective of someone who is deeply grateful for their father’s love and guidance during their life so far. The lyrics begin: “Thank you daddy for always being there/For loving me when I was young/For loving me no matter how bad I was/And making me believe that dreams come true/I’m still your little girl today.”

Be With Us – Tasha Cobbs

Be With Us, a song recorded by Tasha Cobbs, is an uplifting praise and worship track that encourages the Father to be present in all aspects of one’s life. The song begins with a simple piano melody and then builds into an upbeat sound with drums, bass guitar, and electric guitars.

This song—as well as many others—can be found on our website: https://www.songsforthefathersdaygiftguide.com/2019/05/10/best-praise-and-worship-songs-for-fathers-day/#more

I Call You Faithful – Donnie McClurkin

I Call You Faithful – Donnie McClurkin

This song was released in 2003, and it is a gospel song that is included in his album “Donnie McClurkin – I Call You Faithful”. The lyrics of this song were written by Donnie himself, while the music was composed by him as well. This song features some beautiful sounds of piano instruments, guitars and drums that are played together with other musical instruments. The music video also features beautiful scenes from Jerusalem where Donnie traveled with his wife to record this music video.

That Name – William Murphy

That Name by William Murphy

The artwork for this song depicts the artist praying before a cross. I feel joy when I listen to it, and that is probably because of the many times I have experienced God’s love in my life. That Name is about how God has always been with us as individuals and as a nation. It is about how he led us out of captivity and gave us our land back from Egypt through Moses (Exodus 14:30-31). There are times when you may feel like you don’t have anyone who cares about you or that no one understands what you are going through but Jesus Christ will always be there for us even when we sin against him because he loves us so much!

Who Would’ve Thought [feat. Pastor Shirley Caesar] – Marvin Sapp

  • Who Would’ve Thought – Marvin Sapp
  • God Is Able – Matthew West
  • I Stand Amazed – Angelina Jordan
  • For My Good – Natalie Grant
  • He Reigns (ft. Kim Walker-Smith) – Phillips, Craig & Dean

No One Else-Can Take Your Place – Smokie Norful

No One Else-Can Take Your Place;

Written by: Smokie Norful

Artist: Smokie Norful

Yes, Jesus Loves Me – Tasha Cobbs Leonard

This song is a great way to show your father that you love him. The lyrics are powerful and bold, and the message is clear: Jesus loves us, no matter who we are or what we’ve done. This is a message of faith, which is why it’s perfect for fathers on Father’s Day! You can use this song at church or at home with your family over dinner.

Real Love – Brian Courtney Wilson

Real Love – Brian Courtney Wilson

“Real love is a choice of the will, not a feeling in your heart. Real love doesn’t come easy, but it’s worth fighting for every single day. Real love takes work; real love takes sacrifice. It means taking time to understand your spouse and putting their needs before yours. Real love is unconditional; it doesn’t depend on how your spouse treats you or whether they deserve it at all times – when they are acting crazy or being difficult, you choose to continue loving them anyway because that is what true love does! You treat them with respect even when they don’t deserve it and you don’t expect anything in return but continued kindness from them as well (even though sometimes this isn’t always deserved either).

Real Love – Brian Courtney Wilson Song Lyric

He’s Been Faithful – The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

He’s Been Faithful – The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Written and performed by Israel Houghton, He’s Been Faithful was released in 2004 as a single from his album “The Power and the Presence” (2005). The song is another classic worship song that incorporates elements of gospel music and R&B into a modern praise tune. It was featured in two faith-based films: Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” (2004) and Robin Cook’s “The Last Sin Eater” (2005).

Our God – The Walls Group

“Our God” is a song of praise and worship that was written by Chris Tomlin and Michael Farren. It was published in 2018, but it has an amazing message that can be used for Father’s Day as well as any other time you want to sing about praying to your heavenly father. The song was inspired by Psalm 91:7-11 which says: “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

This is a great song because the lyrics talk about how God is our provider, our defender, our fortress, and even our shield (verse 8). This means he protects us from all evil things that could harm us physically or spiritually so we can live in peace with him every day!

If you’re looking for another great Christian worship song then check out this one called “Come Alive” by We Are Messengers!

Worship your father the way he deserves it.

Worship your father the way he deserves it.

With all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind and even beyond that—with all that you have in you. You don’t want to be just half-hearted about it; you want to give him everything that is in you.

We hope these songs will help you feel closer to your father and give him the worship he deserves. Make this Father’s Day a special one by choosing one of these songs and making it your own!

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