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5 Qualities Of Abraham In The Bible

5 Qualities Of Abraham In The Bible

Abraham is the father of many nations, and throughout the Bible we learn about his life. We see that he was a man of deep faith, who trusted God completely and obeyed His calling. Although Abraham struggled with his faith at times, he never gave up hope in God’s promises or His plan for his life—even when it seemed impossible. If you’re looking for inspiration to trust God more fully in your daily life, look no further than Abraham’s example:

Abraham is willing to do everything God asks.

The first quality of Abraham is that he was willing to do everything God asked him to do. He was willing to go anywhere God told him to go and he did whatever God told him to do. When God told Abraham that he would be leaving his country, family and home for a new life, Abraham did not hesitate for a moment before agreeing with all his heart (Genesis 12:1-4).

Abraham’s willingness is seen again when we read about his willingness to sacrifice Isaac (Genesis 22:2-14)

Abraham trusts God completely.

Abraham is a man who trusts God completely. He shows this most clearly in the story of his son Isaac. God told Abraham to sacrifice his son and bring him up as a burnt offering (Genesis 22:2). Yet, without question or hesitation, Abraham obeyed God’s command and was willing to sacrifice his only son.

Abraham’s trust in God was also evident when he left home with his family and traveled far away from their friends and relatives to Canaan (Genesis 12:1-5). There were no guarantees that they would find food or work there—only promises from God that they would inherit “a good land” (verse 7).

Abraham’s faithfulness led him to make other difficult decisions later on, such as leaving behind all he knew for an unknown future with strangers (Genesis 12:4-20), or sparing the lives of many people by sacrificing animals instead of humans during times when sacrifices were required by the law (Leviticus 17:11; Genesis 8:20; Exodus 21:28-30).

Abraham didn’t give up hope

Abraham also didn’t give up hope. Even when things were at their worst, he never gave up. He was a man who had to leave his homeland, leave his family and even leave his country. He was forced to leave his father’s house in order to follow God’s commandment, which led him into the unknown.

It takes a lot of courage and faith for someone to make such drastic changes in their life for something that may seem so small or insignificant at first glance. But Abraham knew there was something more than just material wealth or comfort waiting for him on the other side of this journey; he had an eternal hope that kept him going through everything he faced along the way—and it all started with believing what God told him when He said: “Look toward heaven” (Genesis 15:5).

Abraham was a man of prayer, who talked with God regularly.

When you read about Abraham in the Bible, he is always praying. He prayed for his family. He prayed for strangers he met on his travels. He even prayed for people who were mean to him or hurt him!

Abraham was a man of prayer who talked with God regularly. In fact, it’s said that no one asked God more than Abraham did!

Abraham was kind to strangers and had a big heart.

Abraham was kind to strangers, and he had a big heart.

He was generous and hospitable. He was a good host, a good listener, and a good friend. He also treated others with respect—even when they didn’t treat him the same way. In fact, Abraham’s willingness to be helpful toward anyone who needed it made him one of those rare people who could be counted on in times of crisis (Genesis 18:19-23).

It’s never too late to be like Abraham.

  • It’s never too late to be like Abraham.

Abraham was a man who lived by faith, and God rewarded him for it.

  • He was also a man of prayer, who spent much time in conversation with God.
  • He was kind and generous even to strangers, showing his love for others by helping them with whatever they needed. It didn’t matter if they were rich or poor; he would still offer them hospitality because he wanted everyone to feel welcome in his home (Genesis 18:1).
  • Abraham believed in hope: he looked forward to having children despite being old enough that this could seem impossible (Genesis 17:17-19). And when Sarah gave birth at last after many years of waiting (Isaac was born when she was 90), Abraham laughed because he had finally seen God keep His promise! That’s something we can learn from too! We might have been told no so many times before but don’t give up on believing that God will do what He said He would do!
  • Finally Abraham did everything God asked him without complaining even once (Hebrews 11:8). If this sounds difficult for you then consider re-reading those verses again until you understand them better–God wants us all

As we consider the life of Abraham, it’s important that we remember his faithfulness in following God’s will and his willingness to sacrifice everything. We also need to take note of how Abraham lived with a big heart and cared for strangers as well as friends. Finally, it is crucial that we see Abraham as someone who prayed regularly with God so they could stay close even when times were hard or difficult decisions needed making. These qualities are just some of what made Abraham an amazing man worthy of emulation by Christians today!

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