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Powerful Prayer For My Husband To Come Home

Powerful Prayer For My Husband To Come Home

When I first met my husband, he was the most amazing man I had ever met. He was smart and kind, with a smile that could light up every room he entered. When we got married, I thought it was the happiest day of my life… until he left me for someone else. It broke my heart into pieces; it felt like someone had reached inside me and torn out my very core. The pain was unbearable and nothing could make me feel better. Except maybe if he came back home to me tomorrow…

Let my loving words streak across the night sky to find you

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools you can use to bring your loved one home. The more you pray and believe, the stronger your prayers will become in bringing him home.

The power of prayer can help get your husband back into your life. When a person prays for something, it becomes easier to make it happen because God listens and answers our prayers when we ask Him for help.

When you send messages through prayer, they will travel across oceans or even around the world until they reach their destination. This means that if you want to get in touch with someone who is far away from you, then sending them a message via prayer will be effective in bringing them closer than ever before!

Like shooting stars guiding you home.

Shooting stars are often used as a symbol of hope. In this case, it’s your husband who is the shooting star guiding you home. Also, shooting stars are a common symbol of love. This can be your love for him and vice versa; in both cases, a shooting star can be seen as an omen that things will work out just fine between the two of you.

Finally, we have to remember that belief in magic is one of humanity’s oldest traditions—so long as we believe in it and keep our hearts open to its possibilities, then any number of good things could happen (including bringing your husband back home).

I pray for this every day.

  • Pray for yourself.
  • Pray for your husband.
  • Pray specifically and often, always remembering that God is listening to the prayers of His people.

The day that we will be together again is the day I will truly come alive.

  • You will be a better person.
  • You will be a better wife.
  • You will be a better mother.
  • You will be a better friend to those around you, and the world will become your oyster!

You make me whole.

You make me whole. You are my other half, my best friend, my lover and the father of our children. You are so much more than just a husband to me because you give me what I need most in this world: true love and support.

I can always count on you to be there for me when I need someone to talk to or cry on their shoulder. You’re always willing to help out with housework when it’s needed too!

You’re also there at night when we go out with friends because they’d rather not leave early if we don’t have a ride home (which is often). And when we get home late at night, you have no problem helping put the kids back into bed so that I can take care of any last minute needs before going to sleep myself. In fact, sometimes all three kids will end up sleeping in our bed if they need some extra attention from mommy – which is fine by me since all three boys love cuddling up next too each other at night anyways 🙂 This shows just how much care goes into being a good parent (not just father) but also as someone who gives his family everything he has!

You are my inspiration and my whole world.

You are my inspiration and my whole world. You are the reason why I breathe, eat, sleep and live. There is no limit to the love that I feel for you because it extends beyond this existence.

There is nothing more precious than knowing that someone loves you unconditionally no matter what happens in life because that’s exactly how much I love you! It doesn’t matter how much time has passed since we last spoke or how many miles separate us apart; as long as we have each other’s hearts then nothing else matters.”

My heart yearns for your touch, your embrace, your kiss.

“My heart yearns for your touch, your embrace, your kiss.”

There’s a reason why so many people are drawn to physical contact with others. It’s where we feel safe and secure, loved and accepted—and it can be a powerful way to connect with someone you love even when they’re far away from you. When we have that kind of connection with someone else, it gives us hope that things will get better in the future because there’s an understanding between both parties that they’ll take care of each other no matter what happens. We all need that reassurance sometimes in order for us not only survive but thrive!

Until that day comes, I will do everything in my power to be better.

Until that day comes, I will do everything in my power to be better.

I will be a better wife. I will love him like Christ loves me and honor him as the head of our home.

I will be a better mother to our children and teach them about God’s love for them and all people, especially those who are struggling with their faith or have lost their way.

I will serve others in need with my time and talents wherever possible, even if it means sacrificing something of myself for another person’s benefit without any expectation of reward or recognition from anyone else but God Himself (Matthew 20:28).

To become a better wife, mother and friend to you.

As you pray for your husband, consider the fact that you are also praying for yourself. You are not just praying for him to come home, but also seeking a strengthened relationship with him and your children. This will make it possible to be a better wife, mother, friend – and person.

In addition to being a more loving wife/mother/friend/person/person-for-your-family member, you want to be a better person for yourself as well! It’s easy to get caught up in all the challenges of life with children and spouse(s). It’s important not only to be aware of these things but also make sure they don’t control or negatively impact who YOU ARE at your core!

With you by my side, I can take on anything this world throws at us.

With you by my side, I can take on anything this world throws at us.

Together, we are strong.

With your love and support I would do anything.

You mean everything to me and I will always be there for you.

I believe that miracles happen everyday, and with an open heart they can happen to us too!

It’s impossible without you to feel strong enough to fight on my own.

You need someone to lean on, someone who will support you during the tough times. You need a rock, someone who will listen and care about what you have to say. And most importantly, you need a best friend—someone who will be there for you when things get rough and life gets hard.

You may not be able to get through all of this alone, but with me by your side, I know that together we can fight back against anything that comes our way!

Prayers are powerful things, but don’t forget that there are other ways to cope while waiting for a loved one’s return..

Prayer is powerful, but don’t forget that there are other ways to cope while waiting for a loved one’s return.

You can find support from family and friends who understand what you’re going through. You can also seek the help of professionals like clergy members, counselors, or therapists. These people are trained to help you get through this difficult time, so listen carefully when they give advice and make sure to ask questions if something doesn’t feel right!

I hope that this prayer helps you. You can also try meditating, listening to music or going outside for a walk. Just remember that it is important to take care of yourself in the meantime and make sure you don’t get too stressed out about when your loved one will come home again!

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