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What Are The 12 Sins In The Bible

What Are The 12 Sins In The Bible

These are the 7 deadlies sins.


Pride is perhaps the most common sin in the bible. It’s also likely one of the most difficult to recognize in your own life, as it often masquerades as humility. Pride can take many forms, but at its core it’s a belief that you are better than others—that you are more deserving or important than everyone else around you.

The bible tells us that pride is a dangerous sin because it leads to all other sins (Proverbs 16:18). When we’re proud, we think we’re better than everyone else and deserve special treatment from God and others alike. For example, if someone believes he’s smarter than everyone else, he may not care about learning from his peers; instead he’ll simply look down on them for being less intelligent than him—and thus learn nothing from them at all!


Greed is the sin of covetousness, which is defined as an inordinate desire to possess something. Greed is the excessive desire to have more than one’s share of something or an insatiable longing for a possession that belongs to someone else.

Greed is one of the 12 sins listed in “The Circle Of The Sins”, which was created by Dante Alighieri in his epic poem Divine Comedy. In this poem, Dante describes each type of sin along with its corresponding punishment and location in Hell. The most powerful sinners are placed at the bottom point of Hell’s nine circles (which represent different levels of guilt).


Envy is the opposite of contentment. It is the desire to have what others have, and can be either passive or active:

  • Passive envy may just be a feeling of longing for something that another person has or experiences. For example, a friend might post on Facebook about how much fun she had at her birthday party and you may feel jealous that you weren’t invited to the party.
  • Active envy is when someone tries to get what someone else has by harming them in some way. For example, if your coworker gets promoted because he slept with your boss’s wife and you’re sick of being passed over for promotions yourself, then maybe you could try sleeping with her too!


  • Wrath: Anger that is expressed as resentment, rage, or revenge.
  • Wrath is a sin of the heart and character. It’s not just about getting mad at someone or something; it’s about feeling anger toward people in general—and those feelings can linger for years (or even lifetimes) if they’re not dealt with immediately.
  • When we feel anger toward other people—even when they don’t deserve to be hated—we set ourselves up to become bitter and resentful toward them. This attitude isn’t healthy or helpful in any way; it only leads to more negative feelings toward others and an overall dissatisfaction with life.
  • Anger gets into our heads faster than anything else, so we must treat it like an enemy if we want peace of mind in our lives!


Lust is best defined as an excessive desire for sexual pleasure, especially in a way that is not good for you or other people. It’s one of the most common sins because it’s so easy to fall into it—we all want some sort of sexual release from time to time, but the Bible warns us against going overboard and becoming obsessed with sex.

There are several reasons why lust is bad:

  • Lust is an excessive desire. When you have sex with someone while they’re drunk, they don’t really consent; when you watch pornography, there’s a chance that women will be hurt (or worse); even if you marry someone, lust can still lead to adultery and divorce down the road.
  • Lust is a sin against self-control. We should be able to control our urges without feeling guilty about them—but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves! If this happens often enough over time then eventually we’ll start acting out those desires even though they aren’t good choices for us personally… or anyone else involved either!


Sloth is a lack of effort, the opposite of diligence. Sloth can be seen as one of the most serious sins because it represents a complete abandonment of God and his kingdom. The Bible warns Christians against “idle talk” and warns that “the mouth of the righteous brings forth wisdom.”


Gluttony is the excessive eating or drinking. The Bible says that gluttony is a sin, because it is against your body.

In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Paul writes: “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God? You are not your own; you were bought with a price.” In other words, if someone put a dollar bill in front of you and told you to eat as much as possible until it was gone (so long as there was no food left), would that be considered greed? No! It’s called gluttony. Because when we eat more than our bodies need for sustenance, we’re treating ourselves like objects instead of people—and we should never abuse our bodies like this!

These are the 7 deadlies sins.

The Seven Deadly Sins are the most common sins, which are named after the Latin capital letters: A, B, C, D, E, F and G. These sins frequently bring people to hell.

These are the 7 deadly sins that you can easily fall into if you are not careful:

  • Lust – desire for something or someone outside of marriage
  • Gluttony – eating too much food
  • Greed – wanting more than what one needs or deserves

These 7 deadly sins are the most common that people encounter. They affect our everyday lives and can lead us down dangerous paths. But if we recognize them for what they are, then we can better deal with them and not let them control our lives.

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