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Qualities Of A Good Wife In The Bible

Qualities Of A Good Wife In The Bible

The Bible says that a good wife is one who honors her husband and is subject to him. As a Christian wife, you want to make sure that you’re upholding these standards. To help us all be good wives, here are some qualities of a good Christian wife from the Bible:

Honors her husband

Honoring your husband is the best way to show love for him.

Honor means respect, reverence, and esteem. It is a way of showing love to your husband. The Bible tells us that it is not just about what you do but also what you don’t do or say (1 Peter 3:1).

You should also give honor by submitting to him as the head of the family and respecting his decisions (Ephesians 5:22).

Submissive to her husband

You may have heard that submission is the same as obedience. It’s not. Submission is not about being a doormat or a slave, nor does it mean that you are a victim in your marriage. In fact, the Bible makes it clear that wives must submit to their husbands because of their husband’s authority over them—not because he’s worthy of such submission. When we submit to our husbands out of love and respect for God, we’re also obeying Him, who commands us to honor our husbands (Ephesians 5:33).

Trusts and respects her husband

When you trust your husband, you believe that he will do what is right. You do not always have to agree with him or his decisions, but you can be confident that he will make good choices in the spirit of love. Trust is a big part of any relationship and one of the most important qualities for a wife to possess.

She is a helper to her husband

Because God ordained marriage to be a loving union between a man and a woman, it is important that the wife show respect for her husband. This can be done by helping him whenever possible, not just in the household but also in his job as well. A good wife must also make sure that she understands what her husband wants from life and then try to provide it for him. She should also work hard so that she can provide food on their table as well as clothes for them both to wear. She should always be ready with advice when needed but at the same time she should never offer advice unless asked because this could easily cause friction between them which would break up their relationship altogether if left unchecked over time

She’s a good communicator

A good communicator is a must-have in any relationship. The Bible says that a wife should be of a “generous and open spirit” (1 Peter 3:4). This means she is always ready to listen to her husband and offer him encouragement. She never discourages his thoughts by being negative or judgmental, but rather affirms him through positive words.

A good communicator also knows how to listen well—without interrupting or judging what he has to say before he’s finished speaking. She learns how much patience it takes for her husband not only speak openly about his emotions, but also for him feel comfortable doing so. A good wife will always try her best not just to listen politely at first sight; instead she’ll take time out of each day to really get into what matters most about each conversation with her spouse—whether it has anything at all with work or just something as simple as where they’re going next weekend!

She is thoughtful and honest in communication

The Bible is full of examples of wives who were honest, thoughtful and respectful in their communication. For example, the apostle Paul’s wife Priscilla served as a great example for other women because of her attitude toward his ministry. She was not selfish or manipulative; she did not attempt to make her husband feel guilty about going on missions trips with other men (1 Corinthians 16:19). Instead, she encouraged him and supported his ministry by staying behind and caring for their family (Acts 18:1-4).

The apostle Peter also had a wife named Mary who was well known for being selfless in her faithfulness to God (1 Peter 3:5). When Peter was imprisoned because he had preached against an evil Roman ruler named Herod Antipas, Mary stayed by his side and ministered unto him during that difficult time (Matthew 26:12-13).

Forgiving and patient with her husband

Forgiveness is a key quality of a good wife. The Bible teaches us that we must forgive others and not be quick to anger or hold grudges against them (Eph 4:26). Forgiveness and patience go hand in hand. If you want to be patient with your husband, then you must first learn how to forgive him and let go of past hurts. There are many benefits of forgiveness for both men and women: it helps build stronger relationships, encourages humility, keeps emotions under control, and allows us to move forward without bitterness or anger toward others. A wife who has learned how to forgive her husband will bring honor into his home by being able to manage her own emotions well so that she can show love instead of resentment when dealing with difficult situations at home such as financial difficulties or job loss due too illness/accident etc..

A key quality of a good wife is patience! It is hard work waiting patiently while knowing there may never be any relief but if we trust God He will see us through every storm no matter what comes our way because He knows exactly what each one brings along side it’s blessings 🙂

These are qualities of a good Christian wife.

These are the qualities of a good Christian wife. The Bible says that a wife should have these qualities to be a good wife.

The Bible says that these are the qualities of a good Christian wife:

  • She has respect for her husband
  • She is loyal to her husband
  • She is gentle and kind with others

We all want to be a good wife, but it can be hard. The Bible gives us a lot of great advice on how to do this. If we follow these guidelines and ask God for help in doing so, then we will succeed in being the best possible wives for our husbands!

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