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RCCG Praise And Worship Songs Lyrics

RCCG Praise And Worship Songs Lyrics

Welcome to this list of the best RCCG praise and worship songs with lyrics. Below is a list of 10 songs from the RCCG church that will inspire you to praise God.


There is a list of RCCG Praise and Worship songs. The list includes:

  • Alagbon Close
  • Habakkuk 3:19
  • God Is Able
  • Come To Me (Come O, My Lord)

1. O happy day (that fixed my choice)

O happy day (that fixed my choice)

When I was sinking in the mire,

I heard a voice that said to me,

“Lose not thy faith, but trust in Jesus”;

Since that divine command I’ve found new light;

My soul was freed from all her guilt and gloom;

O happy day! O happy day!

2. I will magnify thee O Lord

This song is a proclamation of selfless love and dedication to God, using the metaphor of a mother’s love for her child. The song encourages listeners to be unashamed in loving Jesus Christ, as well as being confident that He loves them back. In order to truly show that you love someone, you have to put their needs before yours and make sure they’re taken care of first—just like how God does for us. After all, we are His children!

The chorus goes: “And I will magnify thee O Lord; / I will magnify thee O Lord; / I will magnify thee O Lord; / I’ll never stop giving praise…” By repeating this line over and over again throughout the song (and even adding an extra part at the end), it shows how much these lyrics mean when sung together with others who share your beliefs—you can’t help but want them on repeat!

3. God is so good

God is so good,

All the time.

God is so good,

All the time.

4. Above all power

Above all power


Above all power, above all kings and kingdoms

Above every name that is named, to You I lift my heart

There’s no one like You, Lord Jesus Christ (2x)

You are seated on the throne of glory and majesty in heaven above; Your name is higher than any other. It’s not just an expression but you are actually the King of Kings. There is no one greater than You; there is nobody like our God. So just praise Him for who He is!

5. Holy spirit thou art welcome in this place

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6. He touched me

He touched me

You can be touched by God. He wants to touch you and fill you with the Holy Spirit. You can receive Him, just like I have received Him. It is amazing how much more love and power you will receive when you surrender your life fully to God. The more time that I spend with Him, the more amazing He makes me feel inside! When I see someone who is not as blessed as I am, it reminds me of all that God has done for me, because He loves us so much!

I want to share this testimony about how Jesus saved my life from drugs and alcohol addiction through our RCCG Praise And Worship Service songs lyrics at Ikorodu Road Lagos State Nigeria West Africa

We are here today on earth because we were born into sin (Genesis 3:1-24). We need a Savior who can forgive us for our sins so we can go home with our heavenly Father when He comes again one day soon in judgment (Revelation 20:11-15). Jesus died on the cross once for all humans; therefore if anyone believes in Christ then they will be saved from their sins forever! Those who do not believe will perish eternally separated from God in Hell; but those who believe will go straight into Heaven where there will be no more pain or sorrow ever again–only joy unspeakable forevermore (1 John 5:12)!

7. There is power in the blood

There is power in the blood

There is power in the blood. There is power, power, pow-er! There is power in the blood! There is power, pow-er!

There’s a great big God up there above us all. He got all kinds of power; he can do anything that he wants to do.

He doesn’t need no man or woman to pray for him; he’s already got it covered by himself; I mean nobody can get on this earth with out his permission first (no matter how much money they have). He don’t need nobody else telling him what to do because he knows what’s going on here (and I know too) and if you know anything about God then you’ll know how much wisdom and knowledge has gone into this creation called creation itself so if everybody could just sit down one day—let me tell everyone something: don’t think about anything else but just think about this one thing—that there are things that are beyond our understanding as human beings but we should never stop trying because when we’re dead people will ask questions about why didn’t we try harder? Why couldn’t we figure out these things? Why weren’t these important things important enough for us?

8. Open my eyes that I may see

  • Open my eyes that I may see

Your glory, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

9. My life is in you lord

My life is in you, Lord

My head and my heart are lifted high

I am satisfied with your love, I am satisfied with your love

You are my joy and my strength

10. You are holy (Prince of peace)

This song is a praise and worship song written by Godwin Olayiwola. The lyrics to the song can be found below in English and Yoruba, Spanish and French, Chinese and Japanese, Russian and German as well as Italian, Portuguese.

The best RCCG praise and worship songs with lyrics

  • “I Thank You” (C.A.C.B.)
  • “Oh Great God” (CACB)
  • “God Of Golde***ENDWRITE

The choice is yours. You can go with the traditional songs above or you can find new ones that you like better. Either way, the point is to get yourself in a good mood and start praising God!

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