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what is the meaning of a dream about snake

what is the meaning of a dream about snake

Snakes can be frightening creatures to encounter in the real world, but if you dream about them, it’s usually not something to worry about. In fact, dreams about snakes are often interpreted as symbols of something hidden or unknown within yourself.

a snake represents something that is hidden in your subconscious

A snake can represent something that is hidden in your subconscious.

It can symbolize a part of yourself that you are unaware of, or something that has been repressed for a long time. Snakes are associated with the earth, and they have been used as a symbol for the feminine aspect of life since ancient times. They’re also linked to yin-yang and moon imagery, which suggests an association with intuition and emotion. Because snakes shed their skins every so often (and thus grow new ones), they’ve come to be associated with rebirth and regeneration—an image that may resonate strongly with those who dream about them!

Dreaming of a snake can symbolize the beginning of a spiritual journey

In dreams, snakes can symbolize the beginning of a spiritual journey. The underworld is often associated with death and rebirth, and so it makes sense that snakes are encountered on the way to the afterlife. The snake also represents life energy, or prana (the Sanskrit word for “life force”). Snakes appear in myths worldwide as symbols of transformation and wisdom.

Snakes are thought to be able to travel between this world and that of the Gods or spirits; they’re seen as guardians of secrets, carrying messages between worlds. In fact, some cultures believe that snakes were originally human beings who became re-embodied as serpents after wandering into caverns full of serpent gods!

In modern times we’ve come to associate snakes with evil—but they’re actually quite beneficial creatures: they eat rodents such as rats and mice; they scare off other animals from our gardens; and their venom contains powerful enzymes which can be used against cancer cells (although not everyone agrees).

Dreams about snakes can symbolize something that you’re trying to suppress.

A snake can symbolize something that you’re trying to suppress.

For example, let’s say that you had a dream about having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend. In the dream, it felt really good and you were happy about it. But then you wake up and find out that this same person cheated on you in real life with another person. In this case, the snake would represent your suppressed emotions of anger and betrayal towards this person who has hurt you so deeply.

When you encounter a snake in your dream, it could mean that someone in your life is untrustworthy.

When you encounter a snake in your dream, it could mean that someone in your life is untrustworthy.

Snakes have many associations with bad luck and evil. In dreams, they may symbolize jealousy, deceit and betrayal; someone who is trying to take advantage of you or hurt you; or even just a general sense of being unsafe or uncomfortable.

As well! You should be aware that if you see yourself as the snake (e.g., “I am the one who cannot be trusted”), then this may indicate that another person sees you as untrustworthy.

A black snake in your dreams could represent deceit or jealousy.

A black snake in your dreams could represent deceit or jealousy.

When it comes to snakes, the color black generally denotes a negative connotation. A black snake often represents feelings of envy, spite and malice. If you dream of a black snake, it may be trying to warn you about something that’s not quite on the up-and-up—either someone close to you is being deceptive or jealous of you. The fact that a snake is so often associated with deception also means that this particular dream can also mean someone around you who is jealous of your success or popularity!

In some cases, however, dreaming about a black snake can have positive meanings as well—for example: If a person dreams they are fleeing from one while they are awake in their own home without any real danger; then this might mean they’re too afraid to face their fears head-on (often times in regards to certain responsibilities).

A dream about a white snake could indicate new beginnings and rebirth.

If you’re dreaming of a white snake, this could indicate the following:

  • The snake represents purity in your life. In other words, it symbolizes that your actions are free from any impurities or moral failings.
  • The snake indicates renewal and new beginnings. This may be related to a significant change in your life or something like starting over after going through some kind of hardship or crisis.
  • The snake could also mean rebirth. This refers to coming back better and stronger than before—maybe even reborn as someone else entirely (like when you took on a new name after getting married).

If you kill the snake, it means you’re overcoming an obstacle.

If you kill the snake, it means you’re overcoming an obstacle.

This is representative of something hidden in your subconscious that is trying to come out and be recognized. The snake symbolizes the beginning of a spiritual journey, or something that you’re trying to suppress or keep hidden from yourself.

If you’re bitten by a snake in your dreams, it might mean that you feel threatened by someone.

If you are bitten by a snake in your dreams, it might mean that you feel threatened by someone. It can also show that you are afraid of being bitten by someone. A snake bite in a dream is generally considered negative; however, there are some exceptions. For example, if the person who was bit was actually a bad person who deserved to be bitten and punished for their evil ways, then this may be seen as positive instead of negative.

Another interpretation suggests that dreaming about getting bitten by a snake indicates that you need to protect yourself from the venomous thoughts and words of others (or even yourself).

It’s possible that the dream is trying to warn us against our own behavior or intentions—perhaps we’re planning on doing something harmful or nasty so that others will feel threatened and thus avoid us altogether…

A dream about a python can symbolize power or strength over another person.

When you dream about a python, your mind may be trying to tell you that you have the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges in your life. You may also be able to overcome fear. If this is the case, then it’s probably time for you to take control of your own life and stop letting others control it. The fact that a python appears in your dream might mean that someone else has more power or strength than you do right now.

If no one else seems to be present in the dream but there’s still some kind of struggle going on, this might mean that there are challenges ahead but they won’t necessarily feel like struggles because they will come easily with hard work and determination—and even if those challenges seem impossible at first glance because they’re so big or scary-looking (like a huge snake!), they’re really not too hard after all as long as we keep our heads up high above water when things start getting stressful around here!

A dream about snakes typically means something complicated is going on with you emotionally

  • Snakes are associated with the subconscious. This means that they have a strong connection to what we don’t know about ourselves, but still affect our lives in some way.
  • Snakes are associated with the unknown. They represent something that is not known, or an answer to a question you’ve been waiting to find out the answer to for some time.
  • Snakes can symbolize past events that haven’t yet come into play in your current life (or lack thereof). If you dream of a snake, this may mean that there is something from your past affecting your present-day situation and/or relationships.
  • A snake could also be symbolic of something coming up in the future; perhaps it’s warning you about an upcoming event or change in schedule? If so: pay attention!
  • Finally, snakes also have connections with darkness because they are cold-blooded reptiles who need warmth from sunlight or heat lamps in order to live (like any other cold-blooded animal). In dreams they often represent hidden dangers lurking around everyone at all times including within oneself!

The meaning of a dream about snakes depends on the type of snake in your dream and what happens in the dream. If you have a recurring nightmare where you’re being chased by a snake, or if there are many snakes in your dreams, it may be related to an emotional fear you have. If you’re bitten by a snake or see one attack someone else in your dreams, this could be related to jealousy over someone else’s success or greediness towards material objects. However, if snakes represent something positive like rebirth or power over another person then this could indicate that the situation is turning around for better!

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