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when you dream about someone are they thinking about you

when you dream about someone are they thinking about you

Whether it’s the night before a big exam or the morning after you’ve been dumped, dreams can be pretty confusing. They’re also very common, as everyone has them. When you dream about someone who is not in your life anymore or whom you haven’t seen in years, it might feel like they’re trying to tell you something important. But what exactly are they trying to say? We’ve broken down some of the possible interpretations below:

When you dream about someone, it can mean a lot of things.

In short, dreams are a way to process emotion. Dreams allow us to work through problems and conflicts in our lives and relationships. They also give us insight into our memories, both good and bad. In order to understand what your dream means, it’s important to examine what you were doing or thinking about before going to bed that night. Was there something bothering you? Were you stressed out about something? Was there an argument or disagreement? What did the person in your dream look like? What color was his/her hair? How old was he/she (or how old did he/she seem)? How big was his/her body compared to yours (if applicable)? If possible, try writing down as much detail as possible so that later on when interpreting the meaning of your dream it will be easier for you to remember these details without having too many options open at once!

Was the person you dreamed of happy with you?

If the person was happy with you, it means that you are in a good place. If they weren’t happy with you, it could mean that there is something in your life that needs to be worked on and changed. A dream can be interpreted as a mirror of your own consciousness—a way to access unconscious thoughts through the subconscious mind. It’s important to remember that we create our own reality and anything can happen in dreams (even flying cars). The interpretation of dreams varies according to personal experiences and cultural context; however, there are some general guidelines for interpreting dreams that help make sense of them.

Dreams often reflect waking life issues: You will find yourself dreaming about things from your daily life when they are at the forefront of your thoughts during waking hours.(I’m not sure how many people have ever flown a car.)

Are they dead?

How do you know if a dream about someone who has died is a good omen or bad? It depends on your relationship with that person and what they mean to you. If they were important to you, the dream could be comforting because it shows that they’re thinking about you from beyond the grave. On the other hand, if their relationship was conflicted or strained at all (like if it was more of an acquaintance than anything else), then their appearance in your dreams might be disturbing, especially if they appear less than happy to see you.

If this is the case for someone in your life:

  • A dead relative could show up in a dream telling me something significant about myself or my future
  • A dead friend could come back from being gone and let me know everything’s okay between us

Are they in your life now?

If you dream about someone who is in your life right now, it could mean one of a few things:

  • You are thinking about them. Maybe they are going through something and you want to be sure they’re okay, or maybe you just want to talk to them.
  • You are worried about them. Are they sick? Did something happen that concerns you? Is someone else in danger because of the person from your dream?
  • You miss them when they aren’t around (in which case this might be a good time to have a conversation about how much longer until the next time you will see each other).

There’s also another possibility: The person from your dream could represent something positive in your life—for example, if the relationship was strained at some point but has since gotten better and become stronger than ever before. Or maybe even a past relationship with someone who didn’t appreciate all that made up for those trying times until after everything had changed; now looking back on those hard times makes us appreciate having overcome them together!

Was it a good dream or a nightmare?

If it’s a good dream, they are thinking of you, they like you and think that you’re attractive. If it’s a bad dream, then they may be thinking of you and not like what they see. This can be for several reasons:

  • They don’t like the way their hair looks in your dream (and yes, this does happen)
  • They can’t stand your face (even though it’s a dream)
  • You were eating all the food and not sharing with them or some other reason related to being selfish or inconsiderate

No matter what the person in your dream was feeling, one thing is clear: You thought of them before bed and that’s why they appeared!

So, when you dream about someone who didn’t know you were thinking about them, it’s likely that they were on your mind just before bed. This means that no matter what the person in your dream was feeling—whether they were happy or sad—one thing is clear: You thought of them before bed and that’s why they appeared!

It’s important to note that this only counts for those people who are familiar with your thoughts. If the person in your dream was a stranger, then it could be that what happened in the dream was part of their real life. But if the person in your dream did know about how much time and space you give them when you think about them before bedtime (and most people do), then it’s safe to assume that whatever happened in your dreams was from their world rather than yours.

There are factors that can change the meaning of the dream.

When you dream about someone who you know and they are alive, it could mean that they are on your mind. If the person is not in your life anymore, it might mean that you miss them. If the person is dead and their death was unexpected, then dreaming of them may be your brain’s way of telling you that something important has been lost or taken away from you.

The same goes for dreams where someone close dies but comes back to life again. This means something good has happened in real life (for example: a job promotion) or something bad has happened (for example: being fired).

So long as you stay aware of the factors that can change the meaning of your dreams, you’ll be able to determine what they mean. If any of these factors apply to you, there’s no need to worry: just be honest with yourself and make sure that the person in your dream is someone that you care about. After all, it’s they who are showing up in your dreams.

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