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What Is The Midsummer Night’s Dream About

what is the midsummer night’s dream about

The play is a comedy. It has many themes, but the most important are love and art. For example, the whole play revolves around the confusion caused by the lovers’ dreams about each other. The fairies’ prank on Bottom turns out to be a dream within a dream! However, there is also great comedy here: Puck’s blunderbussing of Lysander’s eyes with an onion is hilarious as well as embarrassing.

a fairies’ prank gone awry

The fairies’ prank was to make the lovers fall in love with each other, but instead of making them fall in love, they fell out of love with each other. This prank was a failure on two counts: it didn’t achieve its initial goal and it caused an unintended consequence—the lovers’ hatred for one another.

The fairies’ second prank was to make the lovers fall asleep, but because they weren’t supposed to fall out of love with each other before they fell asleep, those particular fairies were punished by being turned into slugs.

a romantic comedy

The play is full of romance. Hermia and Lysander, Demetrius and Helena, all fall in love with each other. The play is a comedy because it is funny, light-hearted and entertaining. There are many jokes that make you smile or laugh out loud!

a play within a play

The use of a play within a play is a device that can be found in many different kinds of theatre. It’s used to add more depth to the plot and show how characters interact with each other and their environment. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the play within a play is performed by four members of Athens’ royal court: Theseus, Hippolyta, Egeus and Philostrate (the man who arranged the wedding between Hermia and Demetrius). They use this device to further explain what has happened between all these characters before they met each other in Thebes where they had gone for their honeymoon trip together with Lysander & Hermia; Helena & Demetrius plus Oberon & Titania from Nightshade Kingdom came across King Oberon on his way back home from Puck’s village where he had been searching for him after finding out about his mischief-making ways.”

the midsummer night’s dream is about the confusions of romance and dramatic art.

The play is about the confusions of romance and dramatic art. The main themes of the work are love, jealousy, deceit and unrequited love.

The midsummer night’s dream is one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, and it has been adapted in many ways. It is a romantic comedy with fantasy elements, but it also highlights the importance of dramatic art by showing how easily a play within a play can get out of hand.

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