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when u dream about snakes what does it mean

when u dream about snakes what does it mean

As a dream expert, I get asked the question “what does it mean when you dream about snakes?” all the time. What is the meaning of snake dreams? As with any dream, there are many possible interpretations. The specific meaning depends on various factors such as your personal experiences and beliefs. If you have had a terrifying encounter with a snake in real life, then seeing one in your dreams may mean that you’re still feeling fear or anxiety from that experience. For others who associate snakes with evil or bad luck, this association may influence how they interpret the symbolism of their own dream scenarios involving these creatures (for example: perhaps seeing one in an open field means something different for someone who believes that snakes are inherently evil than for someone who feels neutral about them).

snakes can mean a variety of things

Snakes can symbolize many things, depending on the context in which they appear, but the most common meaning is that of a phallic symbol. In dreams, snakes represent money or lack thereof. The length of a snake in your dream may also be indicative of greed and materialism—longer snakes being more greedy than shorter ones.

This line comes from Gary Goldschneider’s “Dreams 1-2-3”, an introductory guide to dream interpretation written for children: “Snakes are symbols of money—if you see one slithering toward you out of nowhere at night when no one else is around, grab it! It will bring you wealth!”

a snake in your dream may represent something that is wicked and cruel

Snakes can represent something that is wicked and cruel. Snakes are often associated with evil, especially in the context of a dream. They are also regularly linked to being cold-blooded, slimy, sneaky, slithery and sly.

In some cultures snakes are associated with wisdom and knowledge; however this is not always the case. If you dream of a snake that is trying to harm you it could be a sign that someone close to you has started treating you poorly or being manipulative towards you. Other interpretations say that dreaming about snakes means there is something hidden from your view at work or school which may need looking into before making any decisions regarding it

a snake can also be an omen or sign of good fortune

Snakes can also be an omen or sign of good fortune.

If you dream of a snake, it could mean that your wish will come true. You’ll have to wait and see if this is true!

However, if you dream about a snake chasing you, then this is not a good sign and should be taken as a warning by people who are superstitious about dreams. In this case, it’s best for them to avoid walking near any snakes because they may attack them when they least expect it! It’s better for everyone if we just go on with our lives without worrying about what might happen in the future because there really isn’t anything we can do about it anyway.”

snakes can symbolize hidden fears

Snakes are also common symbols for the unknown, which can symbolize a fear of what’s to come. Snakes have been used in myths and legends for centuries, but are still widely feared today. This fear may relate to whether a person is comfortable with uncertainty or not.

The snake can also be representative of darkness, thus representing anxiety about the future or unknown dangers ahead. For someone who has experienced trauma in their life, seeing snakes may bring up feelings around not being able to trust anyone after being hurt by someone they trusted before. It could also mean that they are worried about what might happen if they continue down this path without changing their course or making changes in some way (or feeling anxious because they don’t know how).

Many people dream about snakes when they are feeling lonely and isolated—they feel like no one understands them yet see others doing things together without them there. In dreams like this one could take place at night when one feels alone during waking hours too: perhaps you’re walking home alone from work late at night thinking about how much fun everyone else seems to be having while you’re stuck inside all day working on boring projects instead; maybe you’ve moved away from your friends but miss them dearly; maybe you’ve recently gone through something traumatic such as divorce where all those feelings came flooding back into consciousness again because now everything feels different than before.”

snakes can symbolize money according to dream and divination author, Gary Goldschneider.

Goldschneider interprets snakes as a sign of good fortune, but only if the snake is sleeping. If the snake is awake, it signifies bad luck. Snakes can also represent something that is wicked and cruel; in this case, dreaming about snakes means that someone you know may be up to no good. Snakes can symbolize hidden fears because they have sharp fangs and strike quickly when provoked—fearful feelings are very similar to those qualities in nature. Finally, Goldschneider says that dreams about snakes often mean money because the word “snake” comes from an old English word meaning “to writhe.”

All in all, snakes can symbolize a variety of things and how you interpret them depends on what kind of snake you see. If it is an aggressive type of snake, then it is probably not good news. However, if the snake appears friendly and calm, then this could be seen as an omen or sign of good fortune that is coming your way!

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